2017 SHUKC All Star Game

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

SHUKC will host is 4th annual All Star game pitting the KVL against the KCAL.  I will be working on securing a location and date in the coming weeks but I want to let the players know that I do plan to have the game if they are willing.

Coaches: Each team in the KCAL and KVL will have at least one senior named to the team.  Your recommendations will be important to me especially on the girls side.

Players: Must be a current senior on the their KCAL or KVL team at the end of the season.

Dunk Contest: If you want to participate in the dunk contest then let me know.  Must be a senior.

3 point contest will be open again this year.  Contestants will be named out of the practices we host.

Best Student Section Award:  Tonganoxie owns this award.  Hopefully another school steps up to challenge them this year.

SPONSORS: Sponsors are welcome and appreciated.  You can host an award for Dunk Contest, 3 point contest (girls and boys), game MVP (girls and boys)

The money is used to help pay for the game.  Insurance, uniforms, game staff and trophies.  My only requirement to keep the game going is that the game breaks even between sponsors and the door.

This game is for the city and I have said the previous 3 seasons that I will bring it back each year if the city supports the game and the seniors that play in it. 

I am looking forward to it!  Check out 2016’s game.

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