2017 SHUKC Girls All Star Game

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

This 2017 All Star event will always be remembered as the year the KCAL girls got their first win, as bitter of a pill that is to swallow as the KVL coach.  Coach Western put it best after the game.  “Take that L Brox.”  I really appreciate the effort that both sides put into this game. 

After the 2016 blow out win Samia Roark tweeted out that the KCAL was not going to lose next year.  A promise she certainly kept as she takes home the MVP trophy.  Kiara Brown who she battled for 4 years was by her side to make sure she kept that promise.

A great and competitive night for sure.

I want to shout out a couple of SHUKC sponsors Air Max KC heating, Gorilla Exteriors and AAA Satellite TV.  All very supportive of SHUKC.  I want to thank again all the private donations to help make the game happen.  It is all this support that makes the game possible. 

Camron Smith on the call.  Mark Snyder produced the recording.  Man I miss the broadcasting part!

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