2017 SHUKC Player Spotlight (Ivan Webb of Schlagle)

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I appreciate Coach Western at Schlagle who is my contact to keep up on what is going on with Schlagle week to week.  He text me at half time that the Stallions were tied with Wyandotte at 13-13.  This is the sad state of where I am with Ivan Webb.  I ask where he was yardage wise and he said 99 and a TD.  I literally allowed the thought to come in my mind that he was getting shut down?  I had to pause and say for crying out loud that is a good half of football but none the less that thought actually came into my head.

What did he do in the second half?  How about 312 and 3 TD to post a staggering 411 yards and 4 TD’s.  Mind boggling numbers and let the chatter begins about whether or not there is anything a KCAL player can do to get Simone pub.  The issue is going to be the schedule of course and the weakness they will play until the playoffs begin.  1645 yards and 19 TD’s in 5 games is just amazing.  This isn’t a question of his skill but a question of whether he is having the best football seasons in the metro.

With 3 games remaining against Sumner Academy, Northeast and Harmon along with a minimum of a playoff game for Webb to chase history.

One last note before the highlight.  S/O to the offensive line.  A great point on twitter is that it is easy to focus on Webb and the numbers but that line is doing their part.  You can see in the film they are doing some counters now and these numbers aren’t possible unless they are dominating up front.  Kudos to them.  Donuts on Webb!

Take a look at his film from Friday against Wyandotte and let the debates begin.

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