2017/2018 Book Drive

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

If you work to do some good then good people can and will find you.  It is something I try to instill in my kids and in my walk in life.

A few months back I threw out a few ideas to try to get myself and SHUKC involved in elementary schools in the city.  Reading was where I landed to try and offer just a little something to KCK.  That process spawned an idea in the head of Jennifer Young of Mill Valley.  She is a realtor in the KC area and asked her clients to clean out there book shelves and her clients certainly delivered.  Over 170 books were collected!

Jennifer Young


Over the Thanksgiving holiday I was able to meet up with her to collect the books and this morning I am happy to report that I visited Bertram Caruthers Elementary School to drop them off.  I want to thank Jeremy Todd, who coaches at Sumner Academy, for connecting me with his wife Amanda, who works at the school.  In addition to the books I wanted to offer some incentive to read.  Back when I was in school we used to get Pizza Hut coupons if we did so many book reports.  I don’t own a Pizza Hut (hint to food places) but I donated 100 dollar bills that the school can use to incent the kids to read and write.

I want to keep this going and try to visit more schools in the area.  If you have kids books to donate please reach out to me and I can provide a location to collect them.  If you want to make a cash donation to this please also reach out.  I will personally see that 100% of the books collected and money will be provided to the schools in the city.  Along the way I will make my own donations to this effort as I did here.  Reading is foundational and I know this doesn’t solve anything but hopefully it helps just a little bit.  Your contribution even if it is just sharing this post is appreciated.

Thanks to Jennifer Young!

Thanks to Amanda and Jeremy Todd!

Thanks to all that donated books!

Thanks to principal Molly Struzzo at Caruthers for being receptive to receiving the books.  I am sure they will put them to good use.  Like, share or email this post to get the word out.  I have a lot of high school kids that follow this site.  Hopefully we can collect books to help keep this going!

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