Brox’s Keys to Bobcat Victory

by David Brox,

With the cancellation of my son’s basketball tournament I am now 50% locked into attending the Basehor-Linwood game Friday night.  I am a believer that nothing is 100% so I will say the 50% is my desire to go and let god take care of the other 50%.

I have seen this story before.  Excellent 4A team built from scratch goes up against power house Miege.  Vernon Birmingham and myself stood and watched a strong Piper team get creamed in 2013.  Here we sit a few years later with another wonderfully developed 4A squad in Basehor heading into the semi-finals against Miege.

What will it take for Basehor-Linwood to get the upset?  Below I outline a few things for you to keep an eye on.

You have a Simone semi-finalist and 2 Fontana semi-finalist on the offense alone.  So it is not a stretch to say that you need to figure out how to limit them.  Stop is a silly statement because anyone expecting Basehor-Linwood to shut Miege down is kidding themselves. 

The Miege staff has no doubt scouted you to the 11th degree on defense.  If you have tendencies then rest assured they have shared and coached their players to identify and adjust.  With that being said step 1 in this upset bid will be defensive adjustments.  If there is any thought that you are going to come into this game and “do what we do” then ask the 10 teams that tried to copy Blue Valley how that turned out.

Basehor-Linwood must show some confusing fronts and not be afraid of giving up a big play.  2 down with 6 or 7 in the box.  No down with everyone up on the line.   You can still drop back in coverage but disguise who is going to rush.  I am going to be quite alright watching Miege win on the outside IF it is because they got aggressive in their coverage.  There has to be a package that just says Eric Scott, I need you to line up across another D1 recruit and win some plays for me.  If Basehor’s DB’s are 10-15 yards off playing 3 deep then again good luck.

The offensive line is superb and your only hope is again to do something they haven’t seen.  Roll coverage and blitz a CB or safety off the edge.  Overload zone blitzing is another creative way to try and get Carter Putz not just to move but feel some pressure.  I would guess that few players on the defenses the last few weeks against Miege could even identify Putz in a lineup.  No one got to him and that is because they decided to play bend but don’t break.  This isn’t a news flash.  You are going to break against this team so let it fly and try and make him uncomfortable.  Nolan Ford has had a sack the last 4 games.  He or anyone on the defense needs one early.  You don’t have to blitz every play but do mix it up on 3rd downs to try and get off the field.

I have watched most of the Miege offensive plays that were available and teams just simply haven’t challenged them physically (for good reason).  Most everything is sitting back and praying for incompletions.  The problem then is the running game.  If you are attacking you get the opportunity to really stuff runs and create some 2nd/3rd and longs which you have to hope you get off the field.

This is all easier said than done.  I would give up 100 points to Miege because I would simply concede that if I can’t get to Putz then I am losing the game anyway.  I would ask my secondary to man up because we are going and if we fail then it just wouldn’t be our night but if we find the primer on how to generate a rush and a bit of hesitation then maybe we have something to build on.

On offense your job is simple.  Stay on the field and get a running game going.  Every player on that offensive line has to take this game as an opportunity.  Friday night will be your first college game.  Are you going to be scared or man up and hit the man in front of you?  I believe the Bobcats can move the ball but they must stay patient.  Chas Rollo averages 8 yards a carry but it will be just fine getting 4 yards at a time.

The most important thing I can tell every player.  HAVE FUN!!  If you come out tight you are going to get your clock rung.  Be loose, have fun and make some plays. 


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