Kansas JUCOS Turn Back on Kansans

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

This is going to be a developing story that I will be pursuing over the following months.  Signing day for football has come and gone with a bit of controversy.  I got a look at some data from some of the JUCOs in Kansas and the worst fears of high school coaches in the state have come to fruition.  The Kansas JUCOs have turned their back on Kansans.

I had some numbers shared with me from a well respected coach in the SHUKC area. 

1 of 88 kids signed by Hutchinson CC are from Kansas

2 of 47 kids signed by Fort Scott CC are from Kansas

4 of 54 kids signed by Highland CC are from Kansas

5 of 67 kids signed by Dodge City CC are from Kansas

7 of 65 kids signed by Coffeyville are from Kansas

8 of 92 kids signed by Garden City are from Kansas

21 of 56 kids signed by Butler CC are from Kansas

48 out of 469 kids signed at these schools are from the state of Kansas or just a shade over 10%.  I understand the desire to compete but these schools have forgotten the purpose they serve if they are state funded in anyway.

Does 1 penny of state funding provide scholarships to out of state players?

If the schools are self funding the scholarships then there is little to complain about in my opinion.  If my state tax dollars are in any way funding junior colleges then this is a problem to me.

I want to also share where I stand in terms of opportunity for players.  I am all for stiffer competition at these levels.  I will say for years that I have been mildly shocked by some names that were signed by these schools to come try out.  There is also a good chunk of kids that go to these schools only to come back home in a matter of months.  I always looked at JUCO signings as a chance to go try out not any guarantee of a roster spot.  I think we should look at it that way as well.  These numbers mean a good number of Kansas kids will not get a shot.

I will be researching this a bit more so you can offer your perspective below or hit me up in email.  I wanted to share the numbers and my initial feedback as I work through digging for funding information.

I also want to hear about key snubs in the state.  What players that didn’t get offered from a 4 year school also didn’t hear from these JUCOs?

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