KCK Basketball Rankings – 12/18/2012

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I put together rankings for the football season and I thought it would be fun to do the same for basketball.  We will see how these rankings hold up over time.

I am sure this is going to get me in trouble but we will go with it.  Remember the whole point of this will be to generate some chatter and I would assume some chalk board material.  Lets go.

There are some teams with injuries that will no doubt improve when they are at full strength.  I am trying to factor in strength of schedule, results, and if each team lined up right now who would win.

10.  Turner (0-4)

The Bears are off to a 0-4 start and are struggling to get that first W.  The KVL is not going to be a friendly place this year so I wouldn’t expect Basehor to slip up the way they are going right now. 

Deandre Federick is the leading scorer with 15.5 points and 4 assists per game.

Sam Worthy is averaging 13.5 and 6 rebounds a game.

9.  Bishop Ward (1-5)

Cole Henley has been a welcome shot in the arm for Ward.  He teams up with All KCK Preps Underclassman 2011 Evan “Rainbow” Brull to form a pesky back court.

8.  Bonner Springs  (2-3)

Bonner has been a weird team.  They are certainly not void of talent.  I actually think pretty highly of Austin Twombley and Jordan Jackson.  I have to be honest though that I simply don’t like Jackson playing down low.  He is certainly long enough and athletic enough to play but he does not have the body type to matchup.  Roy Clayter looked to outweigh Jackson by about 25 – 30 pounds.

I do understand that there are not many other options for the Braves in the post.

Bonner’s offense struggles simply to get the offense started.  I have seen them 3 times so far this season and their offense is stretched and is unable to get into a flow.

I hate to say must win this early in the season but Bonner has lost 3 straight to very good teams.  If they can’t put Piper in their place tonight then the break can’t come soon enough to make some adjustments.

7.  Schlagle (3-2)

There is a lot of upside for this Schlagle team.  I do not believe they have played the schedule of some of the other teams in the area however there is some talent on this squad.

Houston Shackelford, DJ Sayles and David Patton is a good scoring combination.  Throw in the contributions in the paint from Deion Wilson and you can see the potential.

There is some parity in KCAL this year so there is no reason the Stallions with all that senior leadership can’t surprise a few teams.

6.  Sumner Academy

There are two schools of thought here for Sumner and we got to discuss this during the media day event.  The schedule is real tough and without question this team will be battle tested once they get league play under way.  The negative side to this will be if this team’s confidence is blown from not having success in terms of wins.

You simply don’t lose a player with the leadership and ability of Benny Parker and come out strong considering the schedule.  The team is not void of seniors with Jowell Daniels, Deon Tripp, Leondre Edwards who all played good minutes last season.

Daniels played his heart out at the Hy-vee shootout but going 6-20 is not going to equal victories for the Sabres.  He showed the leadership and effort to turn things around.  We will see if this triggers his fellow seniors to come together.

So consider this a challenge Sumner as I have watched each of you since you were freshman.  Go hard in practice and play with confidence and you will no doubt move up my rankings.

5.  Harmon (3-2)

Its been a few days since the loss at home against Wyandotte.  This marks the second time Harmon has provided surprise upsets for teams (Piper and Wyandotte).  Dropping your home and league opener is cause for serious concern. I understand that there are injuries but I won’t give any passes for it.  You have two players that have first team talent in Jujuan Taylor and Mike Carson.

I am not going to declare myself an idiot just yet for picking Harmon to win the league.  One loss in league albeit at home is not a reason to give up.  So while you are down in the rankings I am still hopeful the Hawks will prove me right.

I am going to be watching Mike Carson and the impact of his personality.  He is an incredibly confident young man but emotions can be positive and a negative for a team.  When things are going good it is all good but the same is true if things are not going well.  I wouldn’t dream of saying (yet) he should calm down but if I notice then so will colleges watching.  How you handle adversity is one of the top characteristics coaches look for.

I think highly of his skills but this season for the Hawks may be tied his ability to manage the emotion.  Wyandotte was down big when the altercation occurred with Mike Carson and Nunnally.  It fired up the Bulldogs without question and they road that emotion to victory.

4.  Wyandotte (2-5)

I have to be 100% honest that this is going to be pretty high for Wyandotte but I liked what I saw Friday night from the Bulldogs.  They are incredibly young with 3 sophomores starting.  Coach Draiper is going to be an odd ball in terms of strategy.  They are playing an aggressive zone with Nunnally up top, who was a pest out top for the Bulldogs.

Nunnally was all over the court and my only complaint was his inability to finish at the rim early in the ball game.  He is a player as we noted last season.

Strong game as well from Theo Bass.

3.  Piper (5-1)

Piper is the talk of the town for sure.  They have 6 players averaging over 5.3 a game which shows that anyone can contribute for this deep team.

Luke Long leads the team with 13.2 points per game and has shown flashes of brilliance early this season.

A tournament title in Paola and 5 straight wins has the Pirates in contention.  Stealing a game on the road tonight in Bonner will no doubt boost the confidence of this team.

Vernon and I will be at the game tonight broadcasting on the Bonner stream.

2.  Basehor-Linwood (3-1)

Chase Younger leads this team while they they wait for Ben Johnson’s return.  They got handled by a very good Shawnee Mission South team.

I need to watch a few more games but until this team gives me a reason to drop them they will stay near the top.  Looking forward to Ottawa coming to town.

1.  Washington (3-2)

Washington has lost 2 games but the work they did in winning their tournament and the competition they faced gives them the top spot for now.  I also just feel if any team lined up and played Washington right now they would win.

James Jappa is a man on a mission and I am ready for a some big time matchups with him and Mike Carson from Harmon.

All feedback is welcome but this is where my head is right now in regards to ranking the ten teams in our area.

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