KCK Preps Award Ceremony

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I would like to first acknowledge the sponsors for the event. This honestly will not grow without sponsorship so these contributions were key for the event that took play Saturday.

Black Police Officer Association – Emmett Lockridge has been fantastic in seeing my vision for these award ceremonies.

Nick Verbenec Photography – This is the second event in a row that Nick Verbenec has contributed. We got to see his work in the Top Prospect award video. He does fantastic work that you can see at www.nickverbenecphotography.com.

Steve Williams who is the assistant coach for the Sumner Academy Lady Sabres basketball team has been a huge supporter of the vision. His efforts through coaching and in the community period should not be ignored. He helps us as well with getting athletes out for work outs and with sharing what we are doing here at KCK Preps.

Nick Sloan as you all know here at the site made a contribution as well.

I appreciate each of them greatly as their trust in me to deliver what I plan to accomplish with the award ceremony means a lot.

I want to acknowledge again as well Mark Snyder and Jason Frank who not only showed up to contribute their time for the event but join me on many of our broadcasts. Having a strong IT and sound department helps a lot.

There is an incredible amount of planning that goes into all of these events. I am not an event planner at all but am very proud of the results we have gotten. The very thought that we can get well over 150 people to come out and support this vision is humbling.

To the players I want to say thanks to you as well. Thank you for your hard work and dedication on the field but for caring enough in our opinions to show up and be acknowledged. To the seniors I wish you nothing but the best over the next month as you make decisions about college. The underclassmen I want you to know that you will need to work even harder next year to hold your spot on next years team.

My mission is not complete. I have only gotten a taste of success in events like this. I want the awards to be accompanied with scholorship awards. I see now that we can get 150 people to come out and support this, so now I want 300.

If you read this article I would like your help.

Social media has honestly been in my opinion the strongest means to spread the word for what we are trying to build here at KCK Preps. For example I have been in contact with websites that have twitter followers of over 10k people. So when we send out a highlight tape of a player and we have the relationship to get him to resend it, that is putting our athletes in front 10k people to look at.

Six degress of seperation is magnified by 20 when you can share information in an instant on twitter and facebook. Literally thousands get to see and hear what our athletes are doing.

Today KCK Preps facebook page has 322 people that “like” the page and see our posts. I need this at 1000. FACEBOOK When you see an article on facebook then share it.

If you see a tweet about KCK then retweet. If you are on twitter then follow Nick (@NJSloanKC) and I (@OdoggBrox). We tweet out our articles that you can then reshare through twitter and facebook.

Be on the look out for a recap on the award ceremony from Nick. He will have some pictures and I will be working on a DVD copy of the event. The lighting is not the best but it will have all of the candidate videos, top prospect, game of the year and All KCK Preps Team.

A huge thanks to everyone that took the time to attend. I really hope you enjoyed it and your presence has me “hongry” to do even more.

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