Senate Bill 145 has been introduced in the Kansas Senate.  If adopted this bill would give KSHSAA’s member schools the ability to classify schools using means other than student enrollment numbers alone.  A copy of the Bill is attached to this email.  

The Senate Education Committee will hold an informational hearing on SB 145 at 1:30pm on Monday 2/13 in the Capitol Building Room 144-S. SB 145 is the 2017 version of SB 464 which was introduced in March of 2016.  SB145 IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT FOR A SPECIFIC MODIFIER PLAN.  If passed it would allow a modifier to be adopted by KSHSAA in the future.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard regarding potential solutions to competitive imbalance in our classification system.  Please consider one of the following important actions:
1.      Attend the hearing on Monday 2/13.  If individuals make an effort to attend this meeting it will send a message to committee members that this issue is important to Kansans.
2.      Contact committee members by calling their office and letting them know your stance regarding SB145.  Emailing them is another option.  See the list of committee members and their contact information below. 
3.      Submit written testimony to have your voice heard.  Proponent, Opponent or Neutral testimony can all be submitted.  The deadline for submission is 11:30am on Friday.  Submit testimony to Amy.Robinson@senate.ks.gov .  See the attached documents regarding the process for submitting testimony. 
4.      Signup to give oral testimony.  The sign up deadline to speak is also 11:30am on Friday.  See the attached documents regarding the process for submitting oral testimony.
a.      Molly Baumgardner (Louisburg) Committee Chair
                                                              i.     Molly.Baumgardner@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7368
b.      John Doll (Garden City) Vice Chair
                                                              i.     John.Doll@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7694
c.       Anthony Hensley (Topeka) Ranking Minority Member
                                                              i.     Anthony.Hensley@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-3245
d.      Larry Alley- Winfield
                                                              i.     Larry.Alley@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7381
e.      Barbara Bollier- Shawnee
                                                              i.     Barbara.Bollier@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7390
f.        Bud Estes- Dodge City
                                                              i.     Bud.Estes@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7359
g.      Steve Fitzgerald- Leavenworth
                                                              i.     Steve.Fitzgerald@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7357
h.      Pat Pettey- KCK
                                                              i.     Pat.Pettey@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7375
i.        Dennis Pyle- Hiawatha
                                                              i.     Dennis.Pyle@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7379
j.        Dinah Sykes- Lenexa
                                                              i.     Dinah.Sykes@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7367
k.       Mary Jo Taylor- Stafford
                                                              i.     MaryJo.Taylor@senate.ks.gov
                                                            ii.      (785) 296-7667

Jeff T. Hines

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