On The Dotte: Football Recap

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

This week I wanted to provide some final thoughts on the football season.  It seems like groundhog day for me as the KCAL failed to get into the playoffs and Piper making another run through the playoffs.

Let’s start with Piper who finished their season with a loss against the eventual 4A champions and now enters the post Colton Beebe era.  Beebe who made our All SHUKC team 4 years (defense), 3 years (offense) and 2 years (special teams).  He is a finalist again this year for the Bobby Bell award.  Our friends at 810 varsity have named him as the winner of a couple of awards as well.  Beebe has been the most celebrated athlete I have seen and for good reason.  His hard work and skill has paid off and it really makes me happy to have a player from the SHUKC coverage area get this type of recognition.  I want to publicly thank this young man for an awesome high school career and providing a blue print for all athletes in the area.

All the talk about private schools had me putting a ton of thought into solutions for KCK football.  This won’t be a popular thought for sure but the solution is Bishop Ward.  I could write a long piece on this but I think Ward overtime should become a player in terms of luring talent from around the area.  I was pretty vocal for a while about private schools and recruiting but there are many public schools that have open enrollment.  It does have to be approved but I am sure cases can be made for students.  The major difference however is budget concerns.  A public school is funded by the state so if that school chooses to accept a bunch of people then they must manage that in their budget.  A private school can use donations.  I honestly don’t care about recruiting.  My only concern was classification techniques used by KSHSAA.  Bishop Miege is not a 4A team but well deserving of the state championship.

I am now convinced that Harmon will never be relevant in football again until they acknowledge and adjust to their student population.  Harmon frankly could be classified as a soccer school after another deep playoff run and finals appears in the 5A state tournament.  Harmon today is a 6A school in football which operates a football program with a 3A population of potential players.  I think a strong Hispanic presence is required on the coaching staff if not the head coach to help find more players.  I believe this will start to bleed onto the basketball court as well.  Wyandotte will face this as time goes on as well.

There are going to be some changes coming up in the KVL with Mill Valley leaving for the EKL.  Mill Valley will play one more year with an abbreviated KVL schedule and then make the move.  I believe this to be a good move overall for Mill Valley as they grow.  They have the numbers and program setup to take a step forward.  Enrollment clearly shows them out growing the KVL.  With Lansing’s move to its new school next year we will have to monitor their growth and whether they will out grow the KVL.

I can’t wait to start talking about recruiting and where all the seniors land.  Thanks to all the coaches and players for a fun 2014.  Our award ceremony will be December 13th at 4:00 PM at Faith City Church at 5100 Leavenworth Rd.

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