On The Dotte: Sumner’s Green Breaks Out

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

I am sure college coaches travel the country looking for a diamond in the rough.  There are many talented players in the KCK area that flat out get lost in the shuffle.  It is difficult at times when the overall team struggles to stand out enough to generate any attention.  Couple that with competition levels between the KCAL and outside the area, only makes the conversation.

Such is life for a player like Leonard Green at Sumner Academy who has jumped out to a fantastic start in his senior campaign.  His team sits at 2-1 behind his 46 carries 561 yards and 6 rushing TD’s.  He will be one of the most intimidating runners we will see this season.  He combines power with enough speed to break away.  He has benefited from Mark Singleton who has helped create some holes for him to exploit. 

The other factor with Green is his ability on defense.  I was on the sideline for his game against Bishop Ward and the best way I can describe the young man is that he plays LB with bad intentions.  He hits with authority which will wear opponents down.  He will be a strong candidate for being one of the top LB’s in the area.  I don’t have his tackle numbers just yet but his overall ability is shown in his 93 yard scoop and score last week against Harmon.

If we speak frankly Green’s two biggest games are against Bishop Ward and Harmon.  In the blowout loss to Atchison he still managed 99 yards and a TD on just 4 carries.  I think highly of Atchison’s defense but think Green’s biggest opportunity to establish himself as a player of the year candidate on offense comes this week.  Green will face off against the Schlagle Stallions who sport one of the most athletic defenses in the area.  Greg Sloan has been tackling everyone in sight and being able to see him chase around and tackle Green will be a treat Friday night.  The Stallions have a triangle formed with Tyler Wallace and Phillip Randle on the ends and Greg Sloan at MLB. 

On the opposite end this is the opportunity to see Green go against one of the other top power RB’s in Cornelius Ruff.  Ruff is has 204 yards and 4 TD’s for the and will be their top threat on Friday.  Green will play a big role in trying to lock him down and score the upset against the Stallions. 

If successful I believe we will have to start looking at Green as a serious SHUKC POY candidate.  Green is an accomplished wrestler and coming off a break out summer baseball season.  He will finish an impressive career at Sumner Academy which has produced some top athletes in recent years.  He is making a solid case for putting his name right next to those school greats.

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