Scores 2/11/2016

by David Brox,

The Harmon Hawks defeat Wyandotte 70-43.  Lorenzo Cheatom 20, BJ Heard 20, and Brendan Hill 10.

I need to come see the Hawks who are on a roll right now.  They made the run at the Baldwin tournament making the final and have been finding success now in league.  They have been running short handed but when the hands are this good the results speak for themselves.  Cheatom has posted some good numbers averaging close to a double double.  BJ Heard is averaging 13.5 a game, 2.5 rebounds and 3 assists.  Cheatom has earned an KCAL All Star spot.

Wyandotte is falling off but I hope they are making some progress in rebuilding.  A tough task to say the least.  I keep hearing about Jae’lan Bradley who will be the Bulldogs All Star rep.  I hear he can jump as well so possible dunk contestant.


Schlagle who is now 13-3 defeated Washington 70-23.  Coach Western said, “Great defensive effort in the last 3 quarters. Held them to 9 in the last three.”  Nisha Owens 19, Riana Lawson 16, Ashley Daniels 12, DeeDee Robertson 10, Kiara Brown 9.

Schlagle needs a home win against Sumner Academy to lock up another share of the KCAL.  That will be a big return game at the end of the season.

Shout out to Kiara Brown who sports one of the most complete lines you will see game to game.  She does a great job in making her team mates better and should be getting some looks at the next level.  Presently she averages 13.4 ppg, 7.1 rpg, 4.4 asp, 5.5 spg, 1.2 blocks.  Very impressive!


  1. Two team race with Sumner and Schlagle. Sumner won the opener and they play the last game of the year with a chance to tie. About a
    1% chance either of them lose in league before then.

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