SHUKC Buzzer Beater: Bryant Rogers (Piper)

Bryant Rogers (Piper)

by David Brox,

Basketball provides a unique aspect in the drama category.  When you introduce time into a game that is as fast paced as basketball you create tense situations.  Baseball for example you can play for 4 hours if needed but you get 27 outs to finish a game.  Basketball provides urgency and it takes a special type of skill or to put it bluntly stones to excel in the clutch.

Such is life early in this season for Bryant Rogers of Piper.  His Pirates were down for a majority of the second half and needed a 3 with the with fractions of a second remaining.  With a look of someone that has practiced this moment countless times we need to keep a few things to keep in mind.

The well designed first option play to Jordan Goodpastor produced a great look at the basket.  With the amount of time I don’t know that Coach Letcher even discussed what to do on a rebound.  You can tell that Rogers was option B for the play and started to glide in for a long rebound.  Instincts took over as he quickly moved back behind the line while taking the pass from JJ Letcher.  The problem being was he was not quite there when he took the pass, which required him to take a dribble.  So with in a matter of 2 seconds this young man processed and executed flawlessly.

Well done Bryant!

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