SHUKC Buzzer Beater: Felton Henderson (Wyandotte)

Felton Henderson (Wyandotte)

by David Brox,

Chaos is the best way for me to describe the Wyandotte vs Sumner Academy game at Blue Valley high school.  The Sabres led 25-1 and Wyandotte spent 3 and a half quarters trying to recover.  We pick up the game late in the 4th quarter when Wyandotte had taken the lead by two.  The Bulldogs elected to stay in their 2-1-2 which allowed #30 Dontae Billberry of Sumner Academy get behind the defense.  With under 10 seconds and down two you certainly want to take the best available shot as soon as possible.  Wyandotte reacted quickly and were able to get in transition for a last second attempt.  If I am Michael Graham I am talking to coach Kreiling about an assist on his last attempt as the ball found Felton Henderson alone on the back side of the rim to win the game.

Nice comeback and finish Bulldogs!

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