SHUKC Dunk Mix: Jamison Jackson (Bonner Springs) vs Piper

by David Brox,

Thanks to Coach Streit for sharing the film from the Piper vs Bonner Springs game.  I wanted to watch Jamison Jackson’s dunk again.  I don’t know that this will be his most spectacular dunk of the season but in this one I see the most potential for what we will be seeing from this kid (new rule I call underclassman kids).  I say that because my hope is that he matures over the next few years to realize the potential he has displayed in this young sophomore season.  If he does these types of what I will call an alright dunk will become spectacular because he will hang on the rim and display power.

So this post is more to do with the potential I see but taking off from the white line in transition is exciting to me.  What do you think?

If you get a dunk in game hit me up.  I want to have a good highlight for the end of the year.

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