SHUKC Game Highlights – Sumner vs Lincoln Prep

by David Brox,

I have seen a lot of buzzer beaters over the years but few games end with a goal tending call.  That was the case as Sumner claimed a 1 point victory over Lincoln Prep 61 to 60.

Freshman Derek Sykes took the final shot which was assisted from out of bounds by Deon Tripp.

Sykes was our KCK Preps look to the future player in 2011 and obviously the future is now.  In his first bit of significant action the young man had 8 points, 11 rebounds, 3 steals and 6 blocks.  He claimed the rebound off the missed free throw to setup the opportunity for the Sabres.

A much needed win and spark for Sumner.  Check out the final moments of Tuesday’s matchup.

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