SHUKC Get Buckets Contest – Free Highlight

by David Brox,

Sport Highlights Unlimited is giving away a free (3 minute) individual basketball highlight.  The contest is open to any varsity player male or female.  The contest will go until January 7th at 7:00 PM.  The winner will be announced live during the KCK Preps Game of the Week which will be at Schlagle.

My motivation is simple in that I want to spread the word about my service and give a player the opportunity to put on display what they can do on the court.  The winner will be able to use the highlight as they need and will be an honorary member of TeamSHUKC.  I will host the video on my site as well.

Get These

A player will only need to be nominated once.  All votes received will be tallied now through the end of January 7th.  The key will be to use twitter, facebook, email or any other means to get out and vote.  You can only vote once per player.

There are 2 ways to enter and the player with the most vote wins.

1.  Visit Sport Highlights Unlimited on Facebook by clicking HERE.
2.  Like the page.
3.  Post your nominee on the wall.  If your nominee is already posted.
4.  Your vote is tallied based on liking that post.

You can also vote via twitter.  Simply follow @OdoggBrox and send me a message with your vote.  The message will only need the name of the player you are voting for.  1 vote per follow and message.

The winning player has to have the film available to create the highlight.  I can’t magically create highlights so that is a stipulation.  I will create the highlight to the best of my ability and present it.  I will post the best plays first and then let the video flow from there.  Music is not suggested but can be applied if the winner wants it.

The more likes and the more follows we have then the more people we reach with information about our athletes.  This is meant to be fun and something again I am doing to raise awareness for my services.

Rules are subject to change if issues are presented as this gets going.  I have never done this before and I will do it again if it goes well.

If there are questions please let me know.

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