SHUKC Player Spotlight: Connor Byers (Bonner Springs)

by David Brox,

2014 saw the emergence of junior Connor Byers at Bonner Springs.  He lit the area on fire through the air and was also very effective on the ground.  The student has definitely become the teacher for the Braves.  Byers who is a finalist for the 2014 SHUKC Offensive POY award racked up 1889 yards passing 20 TD’s to just 5 INT’s.  Byers averaged 15 yards per completion and you will see in the film that that it was on accurate throws down field.  You can build up some nice numbers throwing bubble screens for example but Byers showed good accuracy and precision this year.  Byers 4.7 yards per carry and 8 rushing TD’s is nothing to sneeze at as well.

Byers put together an impressive 2014 highlight package.  Check it out below.

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