SHUKC Player Spotlight: Jahron McPherson (Basehor-Linwood)

by David Brox,

I commented on Friday night about the evolution of Jahron McPherson on the basketball court but not nearly enough attention was given to just how much he did on the football field.  His evolution over the course of his high school career was certainly fun to watch as he contributed in all 4 of his high school career.  He developed over that time to be one of the best all around football players in the state.  Yes, I said the state.  My opinions this year have changed because of players like McPherson who contribute in all 3 phases of the game.

McPherson was named to our 2015 All SHUKC Defensive team this year and marks one of the rare athletes to make our football and basketball team.  I will need to research this a bit more but he may be the only one.  He was a top corner back that opposing teams loved to avoid so in order to get him more involved (in my opinion) they moved him to safety.  This gave him a lot more field to cover and it paid off for the Bobcats.

McPherson made his name early in his career as a kick returner and blossomed into a good receiver and running back.  His versatility hit a plateau when he lined up at QB to run the Bobcat formation.  He was a leader on this team and brought Basehor-Linwood back into contention in football.  A team that had struggled for a few years found a coach that maximized this young mans ability and it shines through in his film.  Last year was a great accomplishment to make it to the playoffs and this year they secured a few wins.  Check out McPherson’s highlight to get a glimpse at how he helped them do it.

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