SHUKC Player Spotlight: Jordan Goodpaster (Piper)

by David Brox,

Jordan Goodpaster took over as the starting QB for Piper this season and has settled into the role.  He got some playing time last year.  Based on scheme being a QB for Piper is one of the most demanding in my opinion.  I have said this through out the Tanner Eikenbary years that asking a QB to roll against his body is hard.  I think in the end it makes them better overall and demands good technique.  You will see that in Jordan’s film below.  He is on the move a lot but it is also easy to see the arm strength he has.  I like the mobility and the two sport athlete has been a good senior leader on offense for the Pirates.

Jordan has 635 yards, 6 TD’s and 3 INT’s.

Check out his 2016 film.

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