SHUKC Player Spotlight: Juston Flowers (Witchita Collegiate)

by David Brox,

My reach is growing as we head down to Witchita for a special out of area spotlight on a player close to me personally.  As some may know I am a graduate of Kansas State and those years I reflect on fondly.  There are certainly some moments to forget but if done correctly college will produce countless stories that you won’t forget.

Case in point was a call I got from a very good friend of mine Jamey Flowers who asked if I could watch his son Juston for a few hours while they went out.  You have to keep in mind that I was about as responsible as it got in college so of course I am the obvious choice to babysit.  Juston couldn’t have been a year old at the time and I remember thinking “piece of cake”.  I won’t go into the details but Juston gave me a lesson that night.  All ended very well and it honestly was one of my prouder moments in college.  I solved the crying baby problem.

He has however grown up to be a good athlete and cornerback for the state runner-up Witchita-Collegiate Spartans.  They finished 13-1 and demolished teams before the 1 point loss to Rosehill.  Flowers who just completed his Junior season got a few carries at RB as well.  Check out his highlights from 2015.

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