SHUKC Player Spotlight: Samia Roark (Sumner Academy)

Samia Roark (Sumner Academy)

by David Brox,

We have a special talent brewing at Sumner Academy in sophomore Samia Roark.  The key word in that last sentence was “sophomore” because we have the potential to see her improve upon her first team All SHUKC performance for 2 more seasons.  Roark has potential to play at the highest levels in college but with most anyone trying to play in college there are things that I would like to see her develop and improve on. 

I want to run through a few items that stick out on film.

Samia Roark

It shows more on the girls side the players that have a feel for the game.  Its rare to see Roark looked surprised by anything happening on the court.  When she puts the ball on the floor and goes she is very difficult to stop.  Her “Euro” step is important to avoid charges, is also impressive.

The evolution of this part of her game is going to be the left hand and being able to finish with it.  Her dribble is dominated as well by her right hand which makes sense on the surface but she needs to be able to dribble and finish with her left.  The picture above provides a bit of contradiction to what I am saying.  I am not indicating that she doesn’t dribble with her left hand.  I however want her to feel 100% confident in doing it when needed.

We see clearly in the highlight below her ability to finish in the paint.  A huge check mark for any player.  She does a good job keeping the ball high and consistently scoring around the basket.

Next step in her development as a scorer is a jump shot.  I am not asking her to start chucking 3 point shots but a jumper inside the arch would serve her game well.  It would introduce the ability to head fake off of that shot and move back to her ability to drive.  Her ability to drive to me is very good now and a jumper only makes it easier to get to.

Defense and rebounding is there.  She will develop just fine in both areas and will average a double double these last few seasons.  I would not be shocked to see Roark be a 15-20 ppg and 10-12 rpg player over the next two seasons.  My hope is that she continues to work hard over the summers to keep building her resume up to play high level college basketball.

Check out Roark’s 2015 highlights below.

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