SHUKC Player Spotlight: Sion Midgyett (Sumner Academy)

by David Brox,

Senior FB and LB Sion Midgyett of Sumner Academy is best described by me over his career as a competitor.  He was an incredibly hard worker during the season and in the off-season.  All worked focused on not just getting better personally but winning some games.  We have done media days for a few years and there are some moments that stick with me and he has one of them.

In a moment of honesty Midgyett talked about his journey to his senior season.  They hadn’t won a lot of games and said that he wanted to get back to .500.  I have never told him or anyone for that matter until now how much that stuck out to me.  Kids dream and so do professional athletes at time focusing solely on winning a championship for example.  It wasn’t that Midgyett wasn’t going to work any less to achieve his goal but a sign of his level of maturity in 4 years.

This is a quality young man and physical athlete as you will see in his film.  I hope that colleges take a look and give him a shot.

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