SHUKC Q & A: Lucas Aslin (Bonner Springs)

by David Brox,

I am constantly working on my ability to write good columns.  One thing I am trying to do more of this year is get quotes to use when I write.  The On The Dotte piece is something I plan to take seriously but there is a lot of information in the responses I get back from coaches.  It is a good opportunity to help get some coach feedback on players for recruiting.  This week I will share Coach Aslin’s responses to a few questions I asked.  It is really good stuff.

Thanks to Coach Aslin for taking the time.

Q1:  With all the talent that graduated last year in Jackson, Dumler, Mason and Knernshield it is a testament to the program you are developing.  Talk about your staff’s ability to keep the train moving on offense and defense.
We have really worked the last 4 years on player development and not just concentrating on the Varsity athletes in practice.  We try to identify the players that will/have to help us out as sophomores and really try to develop them as Freshman so they are ready for Varsity football as a sophomore.  This has allowed us to lose really good seniors and then plug their loss with younger players.
Q2:  Conner Byers takes over for Jordan Jackson.  Talk about how calm he looks at the position completing well over 60% of his throws.
Conner has worked extremely hard over the summer and preseason camp to be as efficient he is.  Replacing a player like Jordan Jackson is very hard, but we as a staff felt that Connor would be as good/effective as Jordan just in a different way.  I attribute the efficiency of Connor to our new offensive coordinator LaDrew Murrell for really coaching and working with Connor so he understands exactly what he wants to do with the ball before the snap is taken.

Q3:  Marcell Holmes has a very unique and powerful skill set.  Talk about his development from last year and his production so far this year.

Marcell is another kid that has worked very hard to replace the 2 running backs we had last year.  Marcell is a very strong (300 lbs bench, 500 lb squat) and explosive player that is just starting to gain the confidence it takes to be an every down running back in 5A football.  He has a nice combination of power and speed and still has to use the power game more often during tough games.
Q4:  Darrell Terrell was flying around the field.  Talk about him as one of the leaders along with (Jacob) Wylie.
Darryl is a great leader for us.  He missed the 1st 2 games but come in against Basehor and ignited the energy on our defense.  He is a quite leader by example and plays with tremendous effort and heart.  Jacob Wylie is basically a coach playing (we call his Coach Wylie).  He makes all the calls on the offensive line, plays every snap as an interior defensive lineman and also leads more by example rather than by words.  I feel Jacob Wylie is the most important guy on our team for all he does and everyone he helps out on a normal game basis.

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