SHUKC Workout #1 – Sign up now

by David Brox,

April 28th at noon will kick off our first football workout of 2013.  We will meet at Bonner Springs field.  Each session is $10 and last about an 1:00 to 1:30.  These sessions focus on skill position players to develop their skills.  Austin Bennett runs the session and I assist as needed.

I will release the 2013 waiver form which will need to be signed by a parent or by the player if they are 18.  <WAIVER FORM>

Looking for receivers and DB’s are welcome as well if they want to work.  I will have a list and will cap each position as we get started.  I am not looking for these to get so big that individuals don’t get their work in.  First come first serve so if you want in please email me so I can fill the session.

Below are the caps for now.

4 QB’s
6-8 WR’s
3-4 RB’s
3-4 DB’s

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