SHUKC’s Friday Night Football – Week 1 Replay

by David Brox,

Replay is up and available.  Like I said on the radio this morning Todd Henderson worked tirelessly to make this happen so he deserves a world of credit.  I have had serious issue letting things go out of my control and trust it to get done.  Well mission accomplished for Henderson as he delivered big time!

We will work to get better every week and are very thankful for the platform from KCWE.  We plan to take advantage of this opportunity to build a village.  As stated in the post about sponsorship I need partners to make this viable long term.  So please take a look and see how we can help promote your business like we are highlighting these student athletes.

I will be talking to the station about AT&T U-verse and DirecTV.  We may need to kick off a flood of requests to AT&T and DirecTV to get the channel available.  The more our games on TV the more eyes that see our players, the more exposure and opportunities that will be presented for them.

So go grab some popcorn and watch Bonner Springs vs Turner as presented by SHUKC and Hendu Productions.  Make sure you go full screen on this!  To the rest of the schools this is what is coming to your school so your support by watching is also appreciated.

Title sponsor anyone?????

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