Stallions Survive Persistent Sabres

Kiara Brown (Schlagle)
by David Brox,
All I can say is another great chapter in one of the best rivalries in the KCAL.  The Schlagle Lady Stallions hosted Sumner Academy in an early season showdown and the results were near majestic Thursday night.  The Stallions claimed a 78-77 double OT win against a Sumner Academy team that simply would not go away.
I am going to pause a second about the game because I want to acknowledge a couple of players.  It would be easy to acknowledge the foundation of the coaches but I watched the game last night thinking that Kiara Brown and Samia Roark don’t really get the attention that they deserve in legitimizing the KCAL girls basketball landscape.  Sure I have included them in my All SHUKC teams and we talk about them game to game but this rivalry is what is today and specifically last night because of them.

Samia Roark (Sumner Academy)
Kiara Brown is one of the most versatile players in the area with surprising ability to finish with both hands.  Her game has evolved so much in these last few years.  The game has truly slowed down as she is able to anticipate the plays as they happen and react at a very high level.
Samia Roark plays with an incredible intensity.  Her ability to rebound, drive and slash to the basket has again been a delight to see grow these last 4 years.  Her evolution at the next level is her ability to handle the ball and make key plays down the stretch.

With these two ladies as a foundation look at the renaissance of sorts for these two schools.  That foundation laid has seen a young crop of talent follow behind them. 
If there was any thought at all about whether Riana Lawson could improve from her sophomore year, I am here to tell you that she could be an All State type player.  The biggest reason why is because she spent a TON of time shooting the basketball during the summer.  What was almost a throwing motion her first two seasons has developed into a very high arching jump shot.  It was on point last night and the early confidence factor she had in that shot was impressive.

Mya Allen of Sumner Academy was very good to me last night.  Jump shot goes from mid range out to the three point line and fearless in taking the shot.  Obviously a strong basketball background as her older brother was a state champion at Sumner Academy.  She can handle the basketball and has a high IQ on the court.

Head back over to Schlagle and we witnessed the coming out party for Ishante Suttington.  The legend of the 40 points she dropped in a middle school game shined last night.  Fearless driving to the basket and confident handling and shooting the ball.  She stepped back and hit a 3 one time that made heads snap back in my section including my own.  Special talent!

I don’t have my program but Sumner had a freshman as well that was very good #22.  She played in the JV game and made a nice play and I immediately thought why on earth is she playing in this game.  It translated well last night in the varsity game as well.

I am not going to go down the entire roster of both teams but these thoughts were going through my head as I watched this battle.  Ali vs Frazier type slug fest as neither team wanted to lose.

If you watched the first quarter you would have thought Sumner Academy was stuck in the mud.  Schlagle turned them over and got to the rim with ease.  I had ran off at the mouth calling for a blow out and I looked like a genius as the Stallions compiled a 10+ point lead in the first quarter.  The Sabres were shell shocked and Schlagle perhaps relaxed for a minute.

The Sabres answered in the second quarter and started to chip away.  It became very clear in the second quarter that Schlagle had some issues on clearing the defensive glass.  I don’t have numbers but Sumner had to be +20 on the offensive glass.  Rebounding overall was a huge challenge for Schlagle and interesting they seemed to concede them on Schlagle free throw attempts.  I didn’t follow that strategy from Coach Western.  He survived foul trouble last year and Kiara Brown after dominating the first quarter faced some foul trouble and Sumner was able to take advantage and eliminate the early Schlagle advantage.

The second half was simply high school competition at its best.  There were plenty of mistakes made but also plenty of good and clutch plays that helped drive the game into OT.  I thought Elizabeth Vaughn was very good in the second half.  She made some clutch free throws down the stretch that again got the game into OT.  Schlagle in the end just made a few more plays.

I don’t know what it is about this game and coaching moments but they seem to come to mind. 

First it is simply not good for Sumner to not shoot a 3 at the end of the second OT.  The ball can not be passed into the post and certainly can’t entertain shooting a 2 point shot in that situation.

Second and this honestly takes an incredibly high level of experience and understanding of the rules.  With 17 second remaining in the second OT Sumner Academy made a shot to get the game to 1.  They however failed to call time out to stop the clock.  Literally I think Schlagle could have gone a long way of ending the game without even taking the ball out.  In that scenario I would love to see a player just let the ball sit there on the ground while the clock rolls.  The ref would then be forced to get to the ball and hand it to you.  If the ref is not on his toes we literally could have seen the rest of the clock run out.  Once the ball is handed to the player you have 5 seconds to inbound the ball so again essentially ending the game.  This is why high school coaches keep their timeouts.  The problem is you rarely see a situation where the opposing team takes advantage.

Great game and environment.  I am really glad I was able to make it.


  1. Hello,

    With all respect. It is obvious that you were told to watch certain players, and not the actual game. Because you forgot to mention the nucleus of the team senior Virja Walker (#42). Although she is new to the team it's hard to miss her. She was the one who got the tip on all 3 jump balls. She was the 2nd leading scorer of the game with 15pts. She had 3 assist, multiple deflections & steals, a defensive threat, and 6 rebounds. And she did all of that while sitting out part of the first quarter, and ALL of the second quarter from being in foul trouble. Which explains why Sumner gained some momentum in the second quarter. NO ONE played defense in the second quarter once Virja sat down, and allowed Sumner to score 24pts. She actually IS an all around player who can play all positions, and plays a major roll in making anyone who plays with her look good. And you also forgot to mention another freshman who made a difference on JV AND Varsity. Virjas sister Kiara Walker (#44) who only played 4 mins of Varsity managed to blocked shots of the key players you talk about from Sumner. She had multiple defensive stops, deflections, and steals. All of those strengths come from their dedication to the sport, and hard work they put in outside of the school. And their basketball IQ comes from their dad who has coached at all levels, and is a volunteer assistant coach at Schlagle this year. So I guess it's safe to say that without those additions the game would've went in Sumners favor. So now that you have a little bio of those you didn't notice hopefully your articles will be more accurate. And that's not to take away from those individuals you spoke about in your article, but facts are facts, and film doesn't lie.

  2. To everyone else watching the game SHE stuck out more than the ones you highlighted, but it's ok. Luckily the colleges that are actively recruiting, and following her see it.

  3. All I can say is WOW!!! I think the article was a great summary of the game. I look forward to seeing your articles after games, with hopes of my daughter one day making headlines, and not getting offended if she doesn't. Great job Brox, keep giving us summaries of our high school games, & recognizing our players.

  4. FOR THE RECORD: Their parents had nothing to do with the previous comments. We just got back from vacation, and we didn't entertain the article before we left, so we definitely wouldn't waste a vacay worrying about it. So no need to worry (the 2 mommas)we are not offended……. Now as for the person that took the time to speak on behalf of us THANK YOU! It's not everyday that someone educated about the sport actually says something that goes along with what ACTUALLY happened. And the Walker family agreed with you. And we apologize for the very few parents that don't know any better, and thinks your comment about our child is a direct attack on their kids. Either way your comment was very informative, and thank you again.

  5. No reason to apologize. It is all good conversation and the more we talk the more exposure it creates for the kids. It is great to see engaged parents helping their kids be successful and work hard. Happy New Year!

  6. This will be my ABSOLUTE last response to the above, because to argue with a fool, makes one an even bigger fool. I would like to clarify a few things. First. I am a mother, not a momma, a mother who is supportive of all players on the team. One who is positive with any/all interaction(s) with the players and at the games. Positive as in supporting the girls ie, cheering, clapping, "good take", "good job (player name)", "that's ok", "good game". Not, "PASS THE DAMN BALL", WHAT IS WRONG WITH Y'ALL", etc.
    Second. My reason for even responding was in support of D. Brox. Those familiar with this area understand that before Brox, there was NO coverage of girls basketball, so to negatively respond to his article, due to your children not being mentioned, was highly disrespectful and rude! That is the equivalent of the parents of professional player calling ESPN and telling them off because they didn't highlight their child. THAT'S INSANE and no one in their right mind does that!!! One can not tell a reporter how to do their job, nor whom to write about. It would be a great loss if he were to cease reporting in our area. The Stallion Family would LOVE for Brox to continue covering all sports for years to come.
    Third. As a medical professional, I highly recommend you seek mental health support!

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