Strickland Recap: Sumner Academy vs Schlagle (girls)

by Justin Strickland

February 26, 2016
            The Lady Stallions stepped on their court knowing that they needed a win in order to get a share of the KCAL title; the only problem they had to beat a team that had dismantled them earlier in the year on the road. The Lady Sabres just needed to repeat their great performance against their toughest in-league opponent. Well this game would prove to be a repeat of sorts, except the stage was flipped in favor of the home team this time around. Sumner opened the game scoring transition baskets against the Schlagle press forcing the Stallions to cause an early time-out to stop the bleeding. #35 Kiara Brown, junior wing, turned up the heat in the first quarter keeping Schlagle in the game with 9 points. Sumner suffered from early foul trouble as #3 Riana Lawson got to the free throw line repeatedly, but the Stallions as a whole weren’t able to capitalize on their opportunities. One of the most peculiar things of the whole season happened in the middle of the second quarter with the Lady Sabres dominating the offensive glass and putting the Lady Stallions in foul trouble. Sumner was also unable to make free throws though and ended up only up 3 points at the halfway point in the quarter. Schlagle’s coach seeing that they only had one starter on the floor decided that their best defense was no defense. The Lady Stallions decided to hold the ball for the final four minutes of the quarter causing every fan in attendance to be outraged. This tactic payed off though as #3 Riana Lawson hit a three at the buzzer sending the game into halftime tied at 24.

The third quarter belonged to #3 Riana Lawson as she sliced to the basket over and over again finishing with 9 points in the quarter alone. #21 Samia Roark, junior wing, tried her best to keep the Lady Sabres in the game getting to the basket finishing some, and finding the free throw line on other drives. The Lady Sabres defense was poor all quarter, but their dominance down low on the offensive end kept them in striking range. The fourth quarter was the pull away for the Lady Stallions as they put the Lady Sabres away early and often. Every time the Lady Sabres made a push to get into the game the Lady Stallions kept them at bay with patience on the offensive end using efficient passing and driving to keep their lead. Sumner just couldn’t get an outside shot to drop as their perimeter threats struggled and the Schlagle players that struggled the last time these two teams met, woke up at home. These teams are evenly matched and hopefully they’ll represent the KCAL well as Co-League Champions in each of their respected Sub-States!
Quarter 1
Quarter 2
Quarter 3
Quarter 4
Sumner Lady Sabres
Schlagle Lady Stallions

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