Williams Relieved of Duties

by David Brox, davidbrox@shukc.com

The 24 hour rule was in full effect yesterday as I got a chance to catch up to Coach Dwayne Williams who is recovering from hip surgery.  I am sure most noticed that he was on crutches through out the 2017 season choosing to deal with the pain than miss the season.  The Stallions finished 9-1 in 2017 claiming the Kansas City Atchison League title, making the second round of the 5A playoffs and leading a team that posted a 2700 yard rusher.   In 2016 they were 8-2, again making the second round of the playoffs and seeing another RB post a 2000 yard season.  He went from 4 to 5 to 8 to 9 wins in 4 seasons as the head coach at Schlagle with numerous college scholarships yet today he is without a job.

Williams who worked with 4 different athletic directors in his 4 seasons without question butted heads with current AD Sonya Scott.  I write this article literally confused with the state of athletics in my home town and specifically my high school.  I have only heard one side of the story so I will just say that as an attentive follower of the program I am utterly confused with this move.  I have documented the many challenges that the city schools face competing in football in the state of Kansas.  There are literally kids on the field playing for their last ditch shot at a chance of a higher education and Williams was making progress in terms of wins and college scholarships.

I find the message being sent here almost unforgiveable considering the challenges in academic achievement with in the schools.  Embracing sports as an avenue for a few to make positive choices and possibly get a higher education should get more emphasis than what it is right now.  Due respect to whom ever is selected to take Williams place but who would be jumping at a chance to work for a school that just fired their coach through an email with the results he has produced on the field?

Kudos to Coach because he was in good spirits and was unwilling to throw anyone under the bus.  I personally want to thank him for the time, money and energy that he put into these young men.

Sad day in my opinion to be a Stallion and the district as a whole.

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